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released January 1, 2010

Recorded and mixed in 2004 at WSL Studio by Patric "Darkhyrys" G.



all rights reserved



The cold unhealthy days of 1996 saw the climax of darkness and Black Metal in the great Occitania, a southern French province featuring the greatest medieval castles.
A medieval dream, with its characters and maps, was increasingly entrenching in the mind of a young man who both wanted to strengthen his blood ties with his ancestors....
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Track Name: Kregan
I run without looking back, deafened by my heart beats. Now I can hear them and I'm dazzled by Its reflections I can't feel anything, my honour is my one and only ally. My pride is my banner, I'm still dazzled by these reflections. Now I don't run run anymore, an eerie thought occurs to me. I can't hear them anymore, I embrace this land I know so well I am dazzled only by the shadow of Its reflections, the blade of my sword was shattered. Never had I thought I would be so proud to cry for my land. It was a battle for courage, a war for honour and proudly I'm taking my leave. My flesh is mortally wounded, let the mortal be their trophy But my blood and my soul will feed this land forever .... for ages honour has been the prey of the sword. Of glorious visions, of battles, by strengh and iron of my sword I ride the twilight. March, over the land, telling the truth of the proud soldier. It was a war for honour, a battle for courage and proudly I'm taking my leave.
Track Name: Tüm fornorhvok
I'm leaving for the unknown, Prophecy of darkness. As far as my eyes can see, The land of the immortals. Mother Forest, from beyond your aura, you have seen my land bleed, welcome me. I feel drawn toward the bottom of the pit of their anger. They consume my fear, blacken my spirit. The blood of the Ancients has been shed here ! The celestial mist knows its sons and guides me towards my destiny ! The Ancients promise me the ultimate breath, I'm starting to feel its power and now I can see them. The great winds are flooding the quiet valley as the rocks on the cliffs reflect the bolts of wisdom. At last I am ready for my dark quest, farewell, Mother, forgive my passion ! I cannot hear the song of the ancient warriors anymore, So take their place and sing, my son, it's time to spread your wings ! I'm taking with me the memory of the warriors of the throne I am taking with me the honour of the long gone soldiers. Their hate and gratitude blind my judgment but I shall overcome, oh !, my son, your death shan't be in vain. But I shall overcome, Oh !, my son ! At last I am ready for my dark quest, farewell, Mother, forgive my passion !
Track Name: Korlgueläal
In darkness and eternal night, watching the stars wich die again, my spirit dwell. From the crystal land to the damned lakes of mine, enjoy these times of ancient creations, the secret of the mightiest thought. Because your empire shall not last forever...Hate me. Discover your servants, guide them to their souls, into my eternal dephs. You never saw my eyes, only a ghostly shape, wandering the path to the abyss... You never heard the words of sumoning I whisper, Kings are not always those we thought they were. " Tae töm thon teha da tahiven minan mellkrof, të da entia tüm dral ". Travelling through times, I'll never die again ! Inside ice mountains, over enflamed lakes... Gods are lying. My lost majesty guides me through their honour, I'll never die again ! Crossing damned lands and the mighty winds... Gods are dying." Tes rümdi doäsen dor doädsi klon dishon di choäras ". My long trip is over, you're beneath me now, over the hills of your majesty I wander. I summon the forces of my ancient empireOver hills the power of my summoning come true ...... Korlgueläal !
Track Name: Svarn lak dral
I'm entering a war that is not mine. Yet by remaining true to my word, I'll prove the honour of my people ! I am torn between fear and anger existing only through primeval animal instinct. The taste of blood in my mouth command me to flee. But I shall stand and fight, bound by my duty. With a raging heart and a sword in my hand, I will fight 'til twilight With a raging heart and a sword in my hand, along with my warriors brothers. Has madness overtaken me, as I risk my life for a people that is not mine, As I cross barren lands, to defend an unknown country? One thing is certain, though, they'll remember the courage of the ghamälial !
Track Name: Tüm dralver flöna
Landless kingdoms stare through my eyes. Visions of black moons and visions of nightspirits. Towards the twelve gods I enter the Ancients, beyond the mountains rises their circle. I am one with black kings. Now the gates of the empire of shadows are open forever. Dark gods you write destiny, I've always been ancient, memories of hate, paintings of blood and fire...Cold blood flows before my eyes, the blood of those who fell in the bottomless lake. Over our pagan lands, free from stain, I am the twelve pillars of our civilization !

" Diman glador rhon relhigsa të diman
klondaedral nima kiavahen.
Diman klondae rhon svarntig të diman treïta inoman.
Kors tale diga të fihoban diman svarn.
Tes diman ancesthea dral da undra zi tallmion.
Ene rhon tüm flöna kien targön zoäs kora."
Track Name: Drytorr I
Blasphemies invade the horizon, frozen cries flood my mind. Invocation ! the wolf stare through your eyes. Somber depths and a never ending pain...And die...Onward the beast mountain ! I can feel the ice cold mist penetrate my soul and I suffer, knowing who I really am.
Track Name: Drytorr II
This landscape, supposed to be secret seems so familiar. I feed on its suffering and experience this limitless power. These dark and freezing woods are now part of me. As my fate really bound to the elder's land? I am back, victorious, my heart filled with darkness and I leave my life, devastated, for I couldn't resist this force that tortures me......Drytorr !